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Alejandro Capote

Front-End Web Developer | Content Creator | Product Manager



I'm a Developer, Product Manager, Photographer, Content creator, Freelancer, and a Forever Student. I love to build and create things, thus my love for programming.

Since I was a kid, and my dad got his first IBM Computer, I have sat there and learned all I could. At the age of 15, I built my first WebSite, using HTML, with some flash Templates in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Then in University classes like Logic & Algorithm, C, Pascal, C++, Matlab, Circuit Design, and Technical Drawing became my favorites.

It's been some time since I started working as a Product Manager, developing skills like Team Leadership, and learning how to reach customer satisfaction, at every level I can imagine. Two years ago, I have decided that it was time to start working on my Web Developer Dream again. And So I did.

Now my goal is to pursue a full-time job position as a Front End Web Developer. To put at service my skills, and at the same time to develop new ones, all with the idea to become an expert in the field, and the best employee I can be.


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